Jesy Nelson Documentary ‘Odd One Out’ Breaks BBC Three Viewing Records | TV News


Earlier this month, BBC One released an intimate documentary about Jesy Nelson in which she opened up about cyberbullying and suicide attempts. It has been mainly acclaimed and well-received, but the success arrived when it was moved to BBC Three.


On the online channel, the documentary titled Odd One Out was watched by more than 3.3 million viewers. It’s the highest viewing figure for the channel since they moved online.


In this documentary, Jessy Nelson talked in-depth, for the first time, about how trolls triggered her into attempting to her own life.


It all began after the band’s X Factor win in 2011. Indeed, the singers were forced to get social media, and cyberbullying began. Quickly trolls labeled her ‘the fat one’ in the band. And famous troller Katie Hopkins targeted her saying: “Pack et Mix has still got a chubbier in their ranks. Less Little Mix; More. Pick n Mix”.


Then she felt into a terrifying spiral.


I just remember thinking this is never going to go. I’m going to constantly wake up and feel sad for the rest of my life. So what is the point in being here? I physically couldn’t tolerate the pain anymore“, she confessed.


At the height of her bullying in 2013, she starved herself for four days to lose weight before a show, but she was mocked again, and then she tried to commit suicide.


A lot of people say this documentary should be shown in schools, with the aim of fighting suicide among teenagers facing bullying.


Also, Cal Strode, Media Manager at the Mental Health Collective said, about the documentary:


Many young people are living in the shadow of the darker side of social media, facing things like Cyberbullying. This program will no doubt send a powerful message that they are not alone. Though speaking out about it can be dating, Jesy Nelson shows that great strength can be found in vulnerability“.



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