Jhyve And Jessie Reyez Resurrect Love On New Collaboration ‘Love In Me’

Toronto’s R&B scene is about to get a whole lot steamier with Jhyve‘s latest release, “Love In Me,” featuring the Grammy-nominated singer Jessie Reyez. This track is the third single from Jhyve’s anticipated album, WAR&PEACE.

Following the success of his Juno-nominated track, “Unbreakable,” in 2023, Jhyve continues to solidify his position as one of Toronto’s rising stars in the R&B realm. With “Love In Me,” he reminds his listeners that even in despair, love has the power to resurrect and renew.

“Love In Me” speaks to the universal human experience of finding love in unexpected places. Jhyve’s smooth vocals combined with Jessie Reyez’s emotive delivery create a track that is both captivating and moving. As Jhyve puts it, “It’s a song about the hope that someone can become capable of love again after being hurt.”

From his Juno nominations to his independent release of the acclaimed album Rapture in 2020, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of R&B, “just out here singing sad songs beautifully” as he wrote on his Spotify bio! And it paid off, since this album earned recognition and praise along the way. With WAR&PEACE on the horizon, Jhyve’s evolution as an artist is promising.

Also hailing from Toronto, Jessie Reyez has already made a name for herself with a distinct voice and an effortlessly cool persona that makes her impossible to ignore. Her declaration “I like to sing about s**t I don’t like to talk about” on her Spotify bio tells us that she and Jhyve definitely form a good team to find a way to put words to their shared thoughts.

So, if you want to endure the power of love and the talent of two artists at the top of their game, look no further than “Love In Me” by Jhyve featuring Jessie Reyez!

Listen to “Love In Me” below!


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