Prada Fall/Winter 2024 Collection Reveals The Art Of Fusion At Milan Fashion Week

Echoing fragments of beauty and women’s history, the Prada Fall/Winter 2024 show at Milan Fashion Week 2024 mesmerized with a collection that seamlessly blended military influences and exquisite femininity.

Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, discussing elements like the “obsession with the current film ‘Zone of Interest,’ depicting happily unfolding domestic life in the literal shadow of war” revealed the inspiration behind the collection.

This military-inspired vibe was evident in the dark suits evoking the wartime 1940s, paired with delicate silk lingerie, back bustiers, and silk bows, often featured on the same garment with differing front and back designs.

Adding a surprising twist, the P13 varsity jackets and technical outerwear in feminine shapes, along with nylon pencil skirts and shift dresses with roomy front pockets, injected a commercial edge into the collection.

Prada revisits women’s fashion with 1960s shift dresses adorned with bows, faux fur accents, petticoats with flocking effects, crystal-dripping sweaters, sleek twin sets, and comfortable block-heeled pumps. Vibrant color combinations like ultraviolet with red and teal with emerald added to the collection’s allure, complemented by swirly velvet hats and brightly colored officer caps.

Simons emphasized the appeal of instinctual, absurd things, like the highly designed nylon pieces, while Prada echoed the sentiment, highlighting the collection’s feminist context. They aimed for a modern approach that feels fresh and new, avoiding nostalgia and redefining feminine stereotypes.

Sometimes it’s just absurd, instinctive things that we love” Simons said, bringing to mind highly designed nylon pieces. “Going skiing in cocktail dresses is not that easy,” he said.

Not so obvious either? Interior handbags hang in the crook of the elbow, rather than being carried on the back like your grandmother did.

Dive into the ambiance of the fashion show by exploring these photos.


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