Jim Sheridan’s Prison Break Movie ‘H-Block’ Suspended | Film News


Production has been postponed on Jim Sheridan‘s prison break film, H-Block, citing financing woes. Producers are scrambling to find more financing for the film after a key financial deal failed to come through, thus suspending the film for now.


This has caused a major issue for star Cillian Murphy, as he had a very short window of time to shoot the film before heading off to shoot Peaky Blinders for the BBC. As of now, it’s unclear how long the film will stay in a state of postponement, and naturally the longer it goes on, the higher the chances of actors dropping out becomes.


The film was set to be based on the true story of the Maze Prison escape in Northern Ireland, where 38 prisoners managed to escape a maximum security prison. The escape was violent, contained hostages and ended up being the largest in British and Irish history.


Sheridan (My Left Foot, In The Name Of The Father) is considered an actors director and is still on hand to helm the film for now. Alongside Murphy, Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades Of Grey) was cast in a lead role while Pierce Brosnan also plays a key character.


Each actor will now take a look at their schedule and it’s very possible the film doesn’t get made at all if the financial issues aren’t resolved quickly, which would be hugely disappointing for a film that had plenty of potential coming from one of Ireland’s most prominent filmmakers.



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