Joe & Anthony Russo Adapting Judy Blume’s ‘Superfudge’ For Disney

Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo have understandably cashed in since helming the most profitable film of all time, signing on for a number of projects. Here’s another one: the brothers will adapt Judy Blume‘s children’s novel Superfudge into an animated movie for Disney+.

Blume’s book is a family adventure that follows 12-year-old Peter Hatcher on a quest across New York City after he’s left in charge of his three-year old brother, Farley ‘Fudge’ Hatcher, and his younger sibling runs away.

The first part of the animated film will unite the two siblings in the adventure, while the second will see both of them dealing with an unexpected trouble: the arrival of a baby sister at the house. Amos Vernon and Nunzio Randazzo, the writing team behind Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, will adapt Blume’s novel.

As mentioned, the Russo brothers are involved in a number of projects. They’re directing upcoming Netflix blockbuster The Gray Man with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.

They have also signed on to helm The Electric State with Millie Bobby Brown, will produce Amazon spy series Citadel and Disney’s live-action Hercules adaptation, and produce and write the Extraction sequel.

Outside of The Gray Man, which is expected to arrive on Netflix in July, it’s unclear exactly when they’re going to be working on these projects. So we might be waiting a while for Superfudge, or maybe it jumps to the front of the line. We’ll wait and see.

Superfudge is not the only kid-friendly adaptation Disney+ have ordered. The streamer have also set up a series adaptation of Kevin Rodriguez‘s novel Paola Santiago and The River of Tears, which Eva Longoria will produce.

The critically acclaimed kids book will become a fantasy/adventure TV series inspired by the legend of La Llorona, focusing on Latin heritage and mother-daughter relationships.

Along with that, Disney have also ordered Tiny Trailblazers, an animated original series produced by Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon for Disney Junior. The series follows two adventurous girls who learn to admire and discover the magic of nature. Witherspoon will also lend her voice to the series as wildlife specialist Fern.

We’ll see whether the Russo brothers sign on for any other big projects. If The Gray Man performs well and is critically received positively, that would be proof that the brothers can have big success away from the Marvel machine, and would likely give them carte blanche to essentially make whatever they want, if they haven’t got that already.


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