Joey King Falls For Her Best Friend’s Brother In ‘The Kissing Booth’ | Film Trailer


Coming-of-Age films are always popular mostly because they always have a happy ending and you are left with this feeling of ‘everything will be good in the end’. There will be a new one coming to Netflix a little later this month in the form of The Kissing Booth, based on the book with the same title by Beth Reekle.


The story follows Elle Evans who has been best friends with Lee since their birth. To herself, this works out because they have certain rules in their friendship pact. One of them is that Lee’s brother Noah is taboo. When she decided to organize a kissing booth at her schools Spring Carnival, the unkissed girl finds herself lip-locking with him. The question is: Will she follow the rules or her heart?



The film stars real-life couple Joey King and Jacob Elordi alongside Joel Courtney. The Kissing Booth will premiere globally on Netflix on May 18.



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