John Boyega Surprises ‘Star Wars’ Fans At Screenings And Talks ‘Episode Vlll’ | Film News



What could be more exciting than sitting down to watch the new Star Wars film? Well how about a surprise appearance from one of the film’s stars! That is exactly what John Boyega, who plays Finn, has been doing. Boyega made a couple of surprise appearances in New York but over the last few days has been popping up at cinemas in his home city of London. Check out some clips of his exploits below:





The Force is clearly strong with this one. Not only is Boyega a great character in the film that nails many comic moments but along with newcomer Daisy Ridley carries the film. Since his involvement in Star Wars he has bought a bundle of natural charisma and charm through trailer reactions and appearances like this.


At the Brixton’s Ritzy screening Boyega also revealed that filming for Episode Vlll will begin in London in weeks. The second instalment of the rejuvenated franchise will be directed by Rian Johnson who impressed in time traveling thriller Looper.




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