John Cena In Talks To Star In Action-Comedy ‘Freelance’

John Cena continues to move further away from the wrestling ring and deeper into the full-time world of movie star. He’s in talks to star in Freelance, an action-comedy that is being helmed by Taken director Pierre Morel.

The film will revolve around a special forces operator who retires from the Army to start a family. After getting used to suburban living, he comes out of retirement to provide security for a female journalist on her way to interview a dictator.

But after a military coup occurs during the interview, the operator, the journalist, and the dictator make their escape into the jungle, where they try to survive their situation and each other.

Jacob Lentz has made his feature debut by writing the Freelance screenplay and, according to Deadline, the film has already been allocated a $40 million budget.

Despite Cena’s fame stemming from being a tough guy wrestler – a role he’s leaned into with performances the Fast & Furious franchise and Bumblebee – he’s actually proven to be very adept at comedy.

His performances in Blockers, The Suicide Squad and recent comedy Vacation Friends have been excellent, so leading an action-comedy is practically a perfect role for him.

Cena is on board to reprise his Suicide Squad role as Peacemaker in an HBO Max series of the same name. He’s also got Jackie Chan action movie Project X-Traction and Matthew Vaughn spy film Argylle in the works. Freelance is expected to begin filming in Columbia in early 2022.


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