John Malkovich To Star In HBO’s ‘Young Pope’ Follow-Up ‘The New Pope’ | TV News


It was previously up in the air whether a follow-up to HBO’s The Young Pope would commence. Last year, the network was reportedly looking to extend the life of Paolo Sorrentino‘s limited series, but we didn’t hear much about it after that. However it’s now been revealed that a follow-up is indeed on the way with John Malkovich set to star.


The follow-up will be titled The New Pope, with Jude Law, star of the first series, is expected to return, and the show is expected to retain some elements of The Young Pope despite the first series being designed as a closed series of television.


Sorrentino has reportedly penned The New Pope alongside collaborators Umberto Contarello and Stefano Bises, and filming is due to begin in Italy this November. Whether this will be a spinoff, a continuation or a sort of anthology is yet to be seen. We also don’t know how many episodes this follow-up is expected to run, nor when the series will premiere.


The Young Pope was a bit of a surprise hit, though its quality wasn’t a surprise to people familiar with Sorrentino’s feature film work. The series was visually splendid and basically acted as one big film anyway. It will be interesting to see what The New Pope offers and whether it can match the quality of its predecessor.



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