‘John Wick’ Creator To Help Launch ‘Just Cause’ Video Game Adaptation | Film News


John Wick creator/writer Derek Kolstad is already used to helping forge some gloriously choreographed action. But now he’s going to take it up a level. Kolstad has been hired to help launch an adaptation of Avalanche Studios and Square Enix’s over-the-top action franchise, Just Cause.


A potential Just Cause movie has been in the works for a while. Aquaman star Jason Momoa was at one point on board to star, with Brad Peyton (San Andreas) directing. It’s unclear whether either of them are still involved.


A Just Cause adaptation is probably mouth-watering for some studio executives, who look at the game’s carnage and dream how they could harness that for the big screen. The franchise focuses on Rico, who, using his expert grapple hook skills, is tasked with toppling a dictator who is rumoured to have weapons of mass destruction. On the way, many people die and an absurd amount of things blow up.


It was previously reported that the Just Cause movie would take most of its influence from the latest release, Just Cause 3. That game prided itself on a gigantic area for players to explore, and it will be interesting to see how Kolstad and co. takes that scale to the big screen.


One thing we do know is that Kolstad is being brought on board to transfer the John Wick magic to another action franchise. It may not be that simple without director Chad Stahelski and his stunt background. However, video game adaptations just got a boost by the critical and commercial success of Detective Pikachu.


Perhaps the tide is finally turning. After years of subpar video game-related films, perhaps Pokémon and Just Cause can lead the way towards respectability within the genre.



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