‘John Wick’ Writer To Adapt ‘A Darker Shade Of Magic’ For Sony | Film News


John Wick writer Derek Kolstad has used his success writing one of the most popular action franchises of the decade to step into a new project at Sony. He will be adapting the best-selling fantasy series A Darker Shade Of Magic for the studio. Fast And Furious producer Neal Moritz is overseeing the project. His Original Film banner acquired the rights to V.E. Schwab‘s fantasy series in 2016.


The book is set in four parallel worlds, with four parallel Londons ruled by different magical powers and monarchies. There’s Grey London, where the people have been told that magic is a myth. Red London, where magic is embraced and thrives. White London, where magic is used by the rulers against its people. And Black London, where magic has overpowered the people and corrupted the world beyond repair.


Magic? Britain? A full series of books? That sound you hear is producers frantically licking their lips at the possibility that they’ve found the next Harry Potter. Frankly it’s a surprise this adaptation wasn’t fast-tracked as soon as Moritz acquired the rights three years ago.


Kolstad has played a major hand in crafting the John Wick movies, which have spawned from one small, well-choreographed action film into a huge blockbuster franchise. The third instalment, Parabellum, became one of this year’s biggest hits, reeling in over $321 million worldwide. Kolstad also recently wrote The Man From Nowhere for New Line, and just sold the action pitch Booker also to Sony.


On the TV side, he just wrapped the Marvel series Falcon And The Winter Soldier. So Kolstad’s experience is with action. But obviously Moritz and his fellow producers have seen something in him that they think makes him the perfect fit for a magic-based fantasy series.


This could be the next big YA series. Though insiders have been projecting things like the Divergent series and The Maze Runner to be “the next Harry Potter for years, and they’ve never hit those sort of heights. We’ll wait and see if A Darker Shade Of Magic can reel in the Potter fans and become a success in its own right.



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