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First appearing in 2003 with his first label. Jonathan Saunders has since become a well known designers among those in the industry. Being responsible for the style of Michelle Obama and Sienna Miller.


He is widely recognised for his bold, daring and exotic prints. These first got him noticed with Alexander McQueen. He’s now using his knowledge and talent to take Diane Von Furstenberg further into the future of fashion.






Diane von Furstenberg, is a high end fashion brand, selling their designs in over 76 different countries worldwide. She is mainly known for her wrap dress designs that feature within her collections. After a meeting about the cloths Saunders said “I had an epiphany: I realised how much I actually do love making clothes for women to live in. They’re not wearing a table.” His excitement shows high expectations for the future of the brand.





When shooting the collection, the muse for the extravagant and modern creations was Okay Kaya. The singer is said to not be very ‘ladylike’. It’s apparently that quality that makes her so desirable and the perfect person for the collection. Saunders said ‘she has and honest way of being’ and how ‘she’s confident’ and he also stated that all her qualities are exactly right for what’s he’s trying to exhibit with her brand.




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