Jordan Brand Launches Children’s Footwear With Playful Details

The Jordan Brand 23/7 is a new sneaker silhouette that Michael Jordan‘s company, Jordan Brand, has released in association with Nike.

According to the brand’s press release, the kid-friendly Jordan Brand 23/7 sneaker is made to be an “easy-entry shoe” for an improved “kid’s experience” that encourages independence and self-assurance.

Large pull hooks allow youngsters or adults to extend the collar wider, and the lightweight and the sturdy shoe has an easy step-in design with a soft heel pocket and stitched synthetic upper that helps effortlessly assist the foot into place.

Additionally, a reinforced, adjustable strap and two-way stretch upper work together to create a cozy, “locked-down fit”. Additionally, the forefoot flexibility of the 23/7’s midsole offers comfort for early walkers.

The many colorways of the 23/7 shoe are influenced by the history of the company and pay homage to famous Jordan events and personalities, like the Jumpman photo session and Mars Blackmon, as well as the company’s recognizable black and red tones.

Tate Kuerbis, design director for kids’ footwear at Jordan Brand, said: “Part of why we designed the 23/7 is because we wanted to create a shoe that is an everyday part of a kid’s world. Kids want to get into their shoes quickly to get out and play — this shoe enables them to do just that.”

Kuerbis, who created the iconic Air Jordan sneakers 18, 19, and 31 through 36, continues that the design was given the same care as any Jordan Brand shoe for adults.

“Designing the Air Jordan signature shoe is such a magical process and being able to apply that same thinking to the design of the 23/7 is no different and can be just as rewarding.”

Let’s have a look at the new drop that is only designed for kids!

Jordan 23/7 Collection will be available on February 16th


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