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Jordan Peele Retires From Acting | Film News


Usually being described as writer, director and actor, Jordan Peele is apparently shedding the latter title as he’s announced he’s retiring from acting. Talking on CBS Sunday Morning, Peele said with a laugh “That’s the idea. Daniel Day-Lewis and I are both out. Acting is just nowhere near as fun for me as directing”.


It’s not the most surprising announcement considering Peele has just had enormous success over the last year writing and directing Get Out, of which he may be in line for some Academy Award nominations.


It seems kind of weird to remember that only a year ago Peele was known more as a comedian and for his collaborations with Keegan Michael-Key on sketch show, Key & Peele. The duo also appeared together on the first season of Fargo and starred in their own comedy movie, Keanu.


The announcement doesn’t make it clear if Peele is also including animated projects in his retirement, as he voices various characters on Netflix’s Big Mouth, which was recently picked up for a second season.


Still, considering his huge success as a director despite only being at the helm for one film, it makes all the sense in the world for Peele to focus his talents on directing, as people are already pegging him as a potential auteur and excitement for his next film is already brewing. So while we’ll have less sketch-show laughs in the future, hopefully we’ll have plenty more great films.



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