Josh Hartnett & Eva Green Star In New US Series ‘Penny Dreadful’ | TV Trailer

Josh Hartnett and Eva Green star in new TV show ‘Penny Dreadful’


The people behind the Penny Dreadful TV series have released a brand new trailer to promote their upcoming season. The show synopsis is based around similar characters explored in the film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen such as Dorian Gray and Dr. Frankenstein. It will feature both mystical and supernatural characters interacting with one another in this dark, very gory, bloody, lust-fuelled series with Sam Mendes (Skyfall) serving as an executive producer on the TV show.


The TV show will feature movie stars Josh Hartnett, Eva Green, Timothy Dalton, Rory Kinnear, Helen McCrory as well as British actress Billie Piper. John Logan, who has writing credits on films such as Gladiator and The Last Samurai, is the creator and writer for Penny Dreadful. The show is not for the faint-hearted and will air on the Sunday, May 11, 2014 at 10pm on the Showtime Channel.




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