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Canadian band JokeBox County has released their debut album entitled Inner Space Outer Space and they have also shared with us, the third track from the album titled “Jivin’ Jack n Sue”.


The single is an indie pop-punk retro track that is imbued with nostalgia, optimism, and the buzz of fresh summer love. The lyrics are telling us a story about young love, adventure as well as the power of inspiration.


“Jivin’ Jack n Sue” was written by Rich Tyo, who is the creative mind behind the songs and vision of JukeBox County. He finds his inspiration in his life and work, being a mental health crisis worker in Kingston. He shared that the powerful force of music and love has helped him to transmute the darker scenes that he has been a witness to.


This song is a celebration of the different people, music and states of mind that supported Rich while he was living tougher times in life.


Furthermore, it is also carrying a message of hope and empowerment. Even though the single is looking back with obvious references to other songs – “Hip hop, Joe Cocker Rubber Soul” and “Ziggy” – as well as some clever lyrics that remember us the 90’s talking about “the local arcade“; it is also preparing us to look ahead.


JukeBox County is a musical project launched by Rich Tyo. He is a psychonaut, poet, DJ, artist as well as a mental health advocate. In the debut album Inner Space Outer Space, he intends to share the different things he experienced in his life: running music groups in psych ward, writing songs about young adults recovering from their first episode of psychosis, interviewing men in prisons for research…


This debut album has created a musical texture accompanied by storytelling in order to “use music as a bridge between people, a tool of alchemy, and a gateway to the deep landscape our inner and outer spaces


To create Inner Space Outer Space, Rich has worked with other musicians such as Hugh Christopher Brown, who produced the album, bass player Jason Mercer, Pete Bowers on drums, Kevin Bowers on a garage-rock guitar, and Teilhard Frost on percussion. All these musicians have created a journey through various musical genres, sceneries, and imaginal spaces.


Listen to JukeBox County’s single “Jivin’ Jack N Sue”, extract from their debut album, here:




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