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Ozark star Julia Garner has been waiting for a breakout movie role after impressing in the Netflix series, as well as on The Americans, Maniac, and Waco. She looks to have gotten the opportunity as she is in talks to take on the lead role in a currently untitled film that will revolve around a day in the life of one of Harvey Weinstein‘s assistants.


Kitty Green, director of the excellent documentary Casting JonBenet, will write and direct the film. She reportedly spent a year conducting research for the project to ensure that her portrayal of the events would be truthful. James Schamus, one of the movie’s producers, said this about the film and Green’s impressive work ethic:


Kitty Green understands that the exercise of corporate bureaucratic power – so often structured against women and insidiously mobilised without fanfare against a vulnerable workforce – is its own kind of horror, and to understand fully Harvey Weinstein’s depredations requires knowing the setting that made them possible to continue for so long.


In doing so, Kitty is creating a cinematic experience like no other before it”.


This isn’t the only project in the works about the monstrous Weinstein, as Brad Pitt and Megan Ellison bought the rights to Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey’s New York Times articles, which was key to exposing Weinstein’s hideous actions, and they plan to produce their own narrative feature on the events.


However, this Garner-led feature should be the first to hit cinemas if all goes to plan. She is a terrific actor, and considering how impressively director Green handled and deconstructed the JonBenet Ramsey case in that film, Garner looks to be in very good hands.



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