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In an interview featured in the March issue of Marie Claire (out today – January 28) Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore discusses the thorny topic of ageism in Hollywood. Although some more ‘mature’ actresses like Meryl Streep still land leading roles in their films, many actresses find themselves to be considered ‘over the hill’ when they hit 40 – and are side-lined with ‘character’ parts. As a Hollywood leading lady at the age of 55, Moore is a prime position to comment on this.


Somewhat surprisingly, Moore believes that ageism doesn’t primarily affect actresses. She’s more concerned with the lack of good roles available to all genders, not just women: “It’s very difficult to find parts, no matter how old you are, no matter where you are and whether you’re a man or a woman.”


For Moore, Hollywood prioritises profit over performance. She feels that the movie industry is more interested in creating films that make money, rather than films that offer credible roles to actors and actresses. And it’s a subject that Moore sounds passionate about.



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