Julien MacDonald Unveils £4 Million Wedding Dress | Fashion News


It’s that time again, London Fashion Week! This in itself isn’t news but some of what has been revealed certainly is. Julien MacDonald unveiled a diamond-embroidered wedding dress, costing a bank busting £4 million, which may be as close to a million bucks as anyone ever gets to feel. The dress was unveiled at the Welsh designer’s show at The Royal Opera House, with TV star Abbey Clancy crowning MacDonald “the king of sparkle”, a title certainly well deserved. MacDonald said about the dress and his entire collection which was apparently inspired by a mermaid who lives in a tropical sea, “My bride is a mermaid that swims in the sea, covered in treasure, she takes the buried treasure and translates it into her dream ethereal wedding dress – diamonds, pearls, expense, lace, glamour. It’s the most important day of a woman’s life and why not have the most expensive dress in the world“.



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