‘Jumanji’ Reboot Set For Christmas 2016 Release | Film News


Jumanji, Chris Van Allsburg’s 1981 fantasy adventure film is set to be remade for release next Christmas, Sony Pictures has revealed. Jumanji, starring Robin Williams, tells the story of a magical jungle board game which brings to life the world hidden within it – including a young boy that was trapped within the game many years earlier. Bonnie Hunt, Kirsten Dunst, Bradley Pierce, David Alan Grier, Jonathan Hyde (in two roles) and Bebe Neuwirth made up the supporting cast.


The first rumours of this remake began in 2012, when Zack Helm (writer of Stranger than Fiction) was brought on board to write the script, however no further development was seen and no more information given about the potential new adaptation. At the time of the film, the special effects used were state of the art and realistic, and one thing that this new adaptation can bring is even more faultless effects in order to bring the jungle alive – yet it risks the charm and personality that the original undoubtedly brings.



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