‘Jurassic Park 4’ Director Teases New Photo | Film News


With the excitement of the fourth instalment of dino action movie Jurassic World, filming has now been confirmed to have finally wrapped and is readying itself for its cinema release on the 12th of June next year (2015). With Hollywood top director Steven Spielburg (Jurassic Park, E.T and Saving Private Ryan) producing the movie, the film direction was put in the more than capable hands of director Colin Trevorrow (Gary: Under Crisis and Safety not Guaranteed).


Although only just entering the post-production stages, director Trevorrow still can’t help himself, and has shared a tease with the ever waiting and wanting fans. Releasing an internet picture titled ‘Autumn‘, it shows the left remains of the East Dock road sign knocked down by dinosaur embryos thief Dennis Nedry, played by Wayne Knight from the original prehistoric film Jurassic Park. The movie Jurassic World will focus on the return to the first movie island of Isla Nublar and will focus on a fully realized version of the park, created by millionaire John Hammond, originally played by Richard Attenborough.




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