‘Jurassic World’ Estimated To Earn Over $100 Million In Opening Weekend | Film News


Jurassic World is finally opening its doors once again to us on June 12 (and it couldn’t have come soon enough) as Hollywood are set to claw back some money from the disastrous Memorial Day Box Office. With an estimated $100 million in earnings within its first weekend, Phil Contrino, chief analyst and vice-president of box-office.com assumes it is the viral content that is making everyone’s eyes water.


With the first trailer reaching over 60 million on Youtube, the other TV spots have also reached a significant amount of people (they did after all, make 20 of them). With the help of Chris Pratt as protagonist Owen Grady and his trained Velociraptor’s (which still has many conversing), it looks like they might be able to defeat the hybrid Indominus Rex and the box office for that matter. However, will it be able to tackle the critiques after so many years and so much exposure?



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