Justin Bieber Occupies Top Three Slots On UK Singles Chart | Music News



All this young man seems to do is surprise people day after day. Whether that’s by racking up all those YouTube views on “Baby” (back when he was a baby himself) making a complete transformation of his fan-base to include guys who detested the controversial artist previously, making an omelette on his neighbours house or simply by dominating the mainstream pop scene.


Well his most recent triumph is in regard to the latter as he continues to break records and becomes the first artist to top all three UK single chart slots with three of his singles. The three being: “Love Yourself”, “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean”. As Bieber continues to leave me and many others flabbergasted, I’ve got to a stage where I wouldn’t even be surprised if the UK Charts becomes the Justin Bieber Charts, featuring Justin Bieber songs only, hosted by Justin Bieber. I mean why would you want to look elsewhere when it’s constantly at your doorstep knocking and never going away. Oh genius pop culture, how do you do it?




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