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Canadian singer Justin Bieber has just released a brand new single titled “Hold On”. The single was released on March 5, with the music video where the superstar seems to be on a dangerous mission. The single has a pop touch to it, which is a change from the R&B style in his latest album Changes.


The song is all about taking care of others, helping the helpless even in dangerous situations, sometimes drastic measures need to be taken to be able to go back on the right path. Regarding the lyrics, the singer knows what making mistakes does so they really have a meaning here, with lines like “We all know I should be the one to say we all make mistakes“.


In the first few seconds of the five-minute video, directed by Collin Tilley, we can see Justin on his motorbike being chased by the police. Running really quickly through the streets with a backpack on and at some point, he is surrounded by the police without any issues and even gets shot.


Then we can see the star in a beautiful mansion, it seems like we are seeing scenes from before all of the chasing and running. A big bundle of cash looks like the problem to the whole police chasing. Actress Christine Ko is featured in it, as his girlfriend, suffering from a sickness that is the trigger of the music video.


The single will be featured on his upcoming album titled JUSTICE along with his previous releases earlier this year, “Holy” featuring rapper The Chance and “Lonely” featuring Blanco.


Watch the music video for “Hold On” here:




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