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Australian producer JVLY has just dropped a brand new single called “Namek” which features Miami rapper Chester Watson. The single is very chill, groovy and mixed with solid electronic beats. The new track is about connecting with someone on a genuine level, which is a story the artists are painting through this soundtrack.


JVLY and Chester teamed up over social media, where JVLY had sent Chester a beat and a idea for the thought of the song. JVLY describes it like this: “We went back and forth for a while and not too long after, he sent me his part and it was exactly what I was hoping for. It’s just cool how we can link up with people on the other side of the world and make stuff,”.


The producer was inspired by the American rapper Tyler the Creator’s album from 2017 titled Flower Boy. While listening to the lyrics of “Garden Shed” – “you don’t have to hide”, JVLY knew where the single should be headed to.


“I was super keen to sample it, so pretty much straight away I went and chopped that up and started building around it,” and continues with: “I was fiddling around with synths trying to create a dreamy and psychedelic sort of soundscape when I started to like it more and more as it progressed“.


JVLY also plans to release his forthcoming debut ep in early 2018, so there is more to come soon.


Meanwhile you can listen to his new track “Namek” here.




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