Kara Marni – Opposite | Music Video


You know that feeling when your friend is in a toxic relationship and, no matter what you say, she seems to do the exact opposite thing every time? This is how Kara Marni feels and this is what her new song “Opposite” is about.


The 22-year old R&B singer from London started back in 2017 and she dropped her debut EP Love Just Ain’t Enough last summer, which got her to be recognised by Vogue as a One to Watch for 2019.


Her education, based on ‘70s soul and R&B, have inspired her in the process of building up her own original style. “I love soul music, I love current music, and it’s the fusion of the two”, said Marni about her sound, in an interview, two years ago.


Her new single “Opposite” stays in the same lane as her previous songs in terms of sound and style, which gives you this kind of chill out, dreamlike, lo-fi kind of vibes. The visuals for the music video also fit perfectly with the song style and its message.


“I really wanted the video to capture what the songs about, that she kept doing the Opposite of what I was saying. Playing in post with contrast and reversing images and I’m happy with how it turned out. Hope you guys like it and can relate”, Marni says about her new work.


Check it out down below!




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