Kara Marni Releases New R&B Single ‘Young Heart’ Featuring Russ | Music News


On July 17, R&B singer Kara Marni from North London has released her new song “Young Heart” alongside multiplatinum US rapper Russ.


Kara Marni worked hard on her career over the past few years and even became the Best Female at the Urban Music Awards 2020. Furthermore she did performances for 4Music Fresh Artists and Wireless Virtual Festival.


Her new single “Young Heart” is a classic R&B tune with powerful vocals. Originally she wanted to express the conflict between her emotional and logical self. But through instagram she came into contact with Russ. The rapper became aware of Kara because of her pervious single “Lose my Love” and everything led to collaboration.


They started working on “Young Heart” and the song became less about Kara’s inner conflicts and more about two people in a relationship having a conversation.  Because of the ongoing pandemic they weren’t able to produce a video together. So Ivan Dixon created a funny and colourful animation clip of the song.


Kara has been a fan of Ivan Dixon for a long time. The video shows Kara and Russ texting in a virtual world, flying through memes and internet related content. But unfortunately their relationship suffers from bad wifi connection and misunderstandings. Listen to “Young Hearts” and watch the accompanied video below.





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