Katelyn Tarver Takes Deep Breath Of Self-Acceptance With ‘One Without The Other’

Los Angeles-based pop-leaning artist Katelyn Tarver offers a poignant exploration of self-acceptance with her latest track, “One Without The Other,” featured on her sophomore LP, Quitter.

Co-written with Riley Biederer and Andrew Tufano, the song is a gentle piano melody, inviting listeners to embark on Tarver’s journey of personal development.

In “One Without The Other”, Tarver embraces all the facets of herself – the choices, versions, and contradictory elements that have shaped her journey. With sincerity emanating from every note, the song becomes a hymn of gratitude for the challenges and triumphs that have led her to the person she is today.

As Tarver shares, “‘One Without The Other’ is a deep breath of a song. An acceptance of all the choices and versions of myself that got me to the person I am today. All the conflicting parts of myself. The bad that brought me to the good, the challenges that gave me perspective… this song is expressing gratitude for it all.”

Amid the gripping instrumentation and the singer’s emotive vocals, “One Without The Other” becomes a sanctuary for introspection, a moment of calm in the whirlwind of self-discovery. It encapsulates the essence of Quitter, inviting listeners to reflect on their own journey toward acceptance and growth.

Hailing from Glennville, Georgia, Tarver’s musical journey began at an early age, leading her to pursue a music career that eventually took her to Los Angeles. With a voice that effortlessly oscillates between vulnerability and strength, Tarver has been acclaimed for her ability to create deeply personal narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Her second album, Quitter, released in 2023, is a testament to her artistry and presents a fearless exploration of self-acceptance and growth. With each album, Tarver invites listeners into her world, offering a glimpse into the complexities of life through her poignant storytelling and soul-stirring melodies.

Through “One Without The Other” and her body of work, Katelyn Tarver continues to inspire listeners to embrace their vulnerabilities and celebrate the beautiful messiness of the human experience.

Listen to “One Without The Other” below!


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