Kazakh Singer S.F.H. Drops New Single ‘G’ | Music News


Kazakhstan-born artist S.F.H. has just unveiled her latest single “G”. The song tells the story of the enigmatic G through gritty beats and S.F.H.’s edgy and infectious vocals.


“G” was written by S.F.H. and Silver Gun Records’ CEO Alexis Rodriguez, who also produced the track. It was mixed by Pablo San Martin and mastered by Gavin Lurssen.


The song has a trippy, and groovy sonic profile consisting of gritty hip-hop beats and alluring vocals. The combination between R&B vibes, hip-hop and alt pop elements results in a minimalist track, highlighting S.F.H.’s captivating voice.


“G” is the second single announcing S.F.H.’s new project, after the release of “No Reason” in May of this year. 2020 has been a busy year for the artist, as she has also unveiled her debut EP Infusoria the Shoe in March.


S.F.H. is the alter-ego created by Sana Nodelman in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. She discovered her passion for music at a young age, and left her home-country at the age of 17. She travelled for three years, before moving to the US to pursue her music career.


Through her music, a sanctuary for both chaos and order, S.F.H. embraces her internal conflicts, and lets her hyperactive mind express itself. She has always considered herself a non-conformist, and though her music exists outside of the norm, it reflects a humanity we all know, making her lyricism relatable.


You can listen to the song right here:




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