KCPK – The End | Music Video


French electronic outfit KCPK has revealed the new music video for their single “The End” which is directed by Loïc Andrieu.


The cinematic video is capturing a teenage girl´s worst nightmare through adolescent angst, bathed in underlying sexual tension, and depicts the inevitable end of youth and purity.


The director of the music video, Andrieu explains, “It’s a coming of age snapshot. At this stage, the rules get rewritten. Your eyes open to what lies beyond family and school. It is the first time you’re seeing yourself in the world, but emotional reactions overwhelm your ability to understand and cope. This is the end of innocence.”


Andrieu like the storytelling part and is taking fragments from a tormented students adulthood, and laying it out how the teenage girl is experiencing her life. He manages to design a universe or imagination of how the girl in the visual sees her life and the battles and anxiety she has of everything happening in it. It’s a fantastic cinematic video that goes well with the electronic sound music, and creates an intensively atmosphere which automatically drags the listener in.


Watch below to see Loïc Andrieu’s amazingly directed visual for KCPK’s single “The End”.




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