Keanu Reeves Is the Voice Of ‘Keanu’ | Film News

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Finally a casting choice that actually makes sense, and quite frankly, befitting for the character itself.


During a recent interview with IGN, Keanu Reeves was asked about the film and if it had bore any significance with him.


“I’m curious about the name” he said “I recently did a voiceover for that project- it’s about a cat, though it’s not actually about the cat. There’s a cat called Keanu in it, and so i did a bit of that”.

Keanu is a comedy film that was created and produced by the minds behind Key and Peele, and focuses on the story of two men trying to find their lost kitten and getting involved in some really shady business.


Keanu Reeves hasn’t worked in a comedy film since Bill & Ted, as he has since established himself as a modern Action hero. Thus this will mark his brief return to the genre, which makes us really excited.



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