Kendall & Kylie Jenner Summer 2014 Collection For Pacsun | Fashion News


Acquiring your favorite celebrity look just got easier. The sibling teen duo Kendall and Kylie Jenner have launched their new clothing line, giving you the best of each other’s style and personality. They have launched two affordable and edgy collections for Pacsun and Steve Madden. With Kendall’s modelling career being a mature success, you can bet that they mean business with their collaboration.


Moving away from the Kardashion bubble, Kylie and Kendal have built up their own identities sharing their expressive trendy style via social media, particularly Instagram. Their new collection is affordable, easy to wear and very Kylie and Kendall (of course). What’s refreshing about their collection is that it’s apparent they have design and concept control, every item oozes their personalities. So, the real question lies – Which one are you going to dress as? You can buy their collection from here.




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