Kevin Feige’s ‘Star Wars’ Movie Hires ‘Rick & Morty’ Writer | Film News


There are so many Star Wars projects in the works right now that it’s practically impossible to keep up, but one we’ve not heard much about is the feature from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.


The project was first announced back in 2019, but surprisingly there was no mention of it at the recent Disney Investors Day extravaganza. Instead they focused on Patty Jenkins directing Rogue Squadron and Taika Waititi helming another, as-yet-untitled Star Wars film.


However, clearly the project remains alive as the film has hired Michael Waldron to write the script. This move makes total sense, as Waldron has worked closely with Feige over the last few years, creating new Disney+ series Loki and writing the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel that’s being directed by Sam Raimi.


Prior to that, Waldron was a producer and writer on Rick & Morty, and he’s also the creator of Netflix’s upcoming wrestling drama, Heels. Clearly he and Feige have a strong working relationship, and obviously Feige trusts him enough to help him bring his Star Wars vision to life.


So, what is that vision? We have no idea. Plot details are being kept about as close to the vest as can be. The only thing we can possibly ascertain from Waldron’s hiring is that he has a penchant for wacky, high-concept storytelling. So maybe this Star Wars movie is like no other. We’ll see when it eventually arrives.


Although by the time it does, it’s possible the world is so burned out on the franchise thanks to the innumerable Star Wars projects in the works that it lands with a thud.


That’s probably unlikely, but the studio did have a similar problem with Solo: A Star Wars Story, and that was way before all these additional Star Wars projects were announced. Franchise fatigue could become a much more widely used term over the next few years.



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