Kim Gordon Talks Style And Uninteresting ’90s Fashion With Harpers Bazaar | Fashion News


Kim Gordon, lead singer of post-punk experimental rock band, Sonic Youth, made an official impact on the fashion industry in 1993, founding a streetwear label called X-Girl, along with Daisy Von Furth and Chloë Sevigny as the image of the brand.


Now, the 61-year-old rock goddess is part of the new Harper’s Bazaar ‘Fabulous at Any Age’ issue, and shared, “I always like to feel like myself, as you get older, that’s the one thing […] you want to feel like you’ve retained your personality“. The Sonic Youth founding member, is also not really impress by the come back, the ’90s have had on the runway lately, she said “It’s not the most interesting style, the ’90s“.


I Agree with Gordon. I, personally, don’t think this decade in fashion had a lot to offer, it turned out being a bad ’80s futuristic evolution in every single aspect… But, let’s not divert… Right now, Gordon is focusing on her career as artist and not interested in designing again. Read the rest of the interview here.




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