King Lucy Releases New Track ‘Sweet Tooth’

King Lucy has released a new track titled “Sweet Tooth”. This song starts on a dysfunctional bass and carries on with the artist’s thoughts on the track. King Lucy’s expression through his lyrics are unique and with this song he brings up stories of past experiences, about money, about lifestyle and much more.

The artist states that this new track is about self-realisation and how people tend to envy what they do not understand and how they tend to idolise the struggle. For that he dipped into his past experiences and his love for music to express himself in a clean and precise way.

Born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Muskogee, King Lucy has had a passion for music since his childhood. He picked up the guitar at the age of 8 and soon after he started experimenting with drums and the piano keys. He currently resides in Tulsa Ok where he continues to pursue his talent and explore his musical talent.

Although growing up in Muskogee was a hard time in his life, his strength and perseverance has made him who he is and his passion for music keeps him growing stronger every day.

Listen to “Sweet Tooth” here:


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