Jamaican Irish Artist Baëbe Ruth Releases New Single ‘Rendez-Vous’

Baëbe Ruth is a 20-year-old Jamaican/Irish/Native R&B artist from Ottawa, Ontario, who was previously known as Babe Ruth.

Songwriting, rapping, singing, and composing poetry are all aspects of her work, and she is known for her flexibility. While her music is personal, Baëbe Ruth also attempts to put herself in the shoes of others as the options are endless after you’ve achieved this.

Her new track “Rendez-Vous” was inspired by an ocean of emotions and an unsaid connection that was never pursued. The song brings to light those unsaid sentiments – the ones we never have the confidence to express but are always thinking about.

She says, “I consider music to be my third language; it is ingrained in my personality and pervasive in my daily life“.

Currently managed by Mia MNGMT, her mission is to release music that everyone can relate to. That being said, she prides herself on her variety and despises the idea of being limited to a single genre. She is more than an R&B artist; she can rap, sing blues and jazz, and write for artists of all genres.

Breaking out of the box and exploring other genres/aspects of music is what distinguishes you as an artist.

Listen to her new track “Rendez-Vous” below:


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