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Bobby and Peter Farrelly are reportedly set to produce, and possibly direct, a sequel to their 1996 bowling comedy, Kingpin. Village Roadshow Pictures are developing the sequel. The original film was produced by the now-defunct Rysher Entertainment, and is part of a deep vault of IP now owned by Village Roadshow parent company Vine Alternative Investments.


The original Kingpin starred Woody Harrelson as bowling prodigy Roy Munson, who is tricked into joining a con job that leaves him with a permanently crippled hand. Years later, he stumbles on a potential ticket to fame when he discovers an Amish bowling phenom, Ishmael, played by Randy Quaid. But Bill Murray‘s arrogant bowling legend Big Ern McCracken stands in their way.


The film is usually forgotten next to the Farrelly’s bigger successes such as Dumb & Dumber and There’s Something About Mary, which were released either side of Kingpin, but it’s a frequently funny comedy that leans into its absurdist nature while also having some interesting things to say about fame and success.


Unfortunately, the plot, setting and time period of the Kingpin sequel are being kept under wraps. It’s also unclear whether the Farrelly brothers will direct or have a hand in the screenplay. They might just end up as producers. There’s also no word on whether any of the main stars from the first film will return. So we don’t know much at all except that the film is in early development.


Any sequel would likely have to either revolve around Harrelson’s character – as Quaid has left Hollywood and Murray is unlikely to have the energy necessary for a repeat performance of Big Ern – or center on a completely new protagonist.


If the film does indeed get made, let’s hope it turns out a lot better than some of the other nostalgia comedy sequels of recent years. Zoolander 2, Coming 2 America, and even the Farrelly’s own Dumb & Dumber Too have all been initially met with excitement from fans, only for the finished articles to end up as forgettable cash grabs.



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