Kit Harington Spotted In Ireland Filming Massive ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fight Scene | TV News



Game Of Thrones fans will be vey happy to hear that actor Kit Harington has been spotted again in Northern Ireland today as Jon Snow filming on set for a huge fight scene. The Game of Thrones site Watchers on the Wall reports filming taking place in Saintfield, Northern Ireland with spies onlooking a fight scene involving lots of the Northern armies – including Kit Harington and Iwan Rheon who plays Ramsay Bolton. Will Jon Snow be heading to Winterfell to fight the Boltons to become King of the North?


This may be very big news to Game of Thrones fans as at the end of the last series, (spoilers ahead) the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch was stabbed by his fellow brothers of the Night’s Watch and ended with Jon lying in a pool of his own blood. There are many theories floating around about how Snow may return to the show after being so called killed off. Maybe Milisandre can bring him back with her fire, or he could have waged, Bran-style, into his direwolf, Ghost. No matter how our Northern Bastard returns, I’m sure many people are looking forward to seeing how.



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