Kit Harington’s Hair Sparks Rumours Of Jon Snow Comeback In ‘Game of Thrones’ | TV News


If you still haven’t seen the season 5 finale, where have you been that was so last month. Game Of Throne fans were distraught to see fan favourite Jon Snow, seemingly meet his end in the last two minutes of the season finale. However, eager eyed fans have been flocking to social media in droves to comment on the fact that Kit Harrison is still rocking his long hair and beard.


Spotted at Wimbledon, Harington was clearly still rocking the hair that he has profusely stated he hates. Back in 2014, he told the Metro “I’ll cut it off quite soon. As soon as I’m allowed“. So why hasn’t he cut it off, after all Jon Snow is ‘supposed to be dead’. Is the fact that the hair and beard still remain, a crucial clue that Jon Snow, the character that we have all grown to know and love, is actually coming back next season?


Was Harington’s statement that Snow would not be returning in season 6, simply just a red herring to throw us all off the scent for some major goings on? I guess we all have to wait until next year when season six of the fantasy drama returns to our screens.




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