KJ Spio, Oxlade And Sarkodie Share New Single ‘Undress You’

Get ready to be charmed by the latest collaboration between culture maestro KJ Spio, sensational Nigerian singer Oxlade, eminent Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, and the indispensable producer PuffyBeatz.

“Undress You” emerges as a playful fusion of enchanting melodies and impetuous seduction, all infused with the irresistible energy of Afrobeats.

The enchanting track “Undress You” kicks off with the captivating harmonies of Oxlade, accompanied by a hymn-like chorus that seamlessly melds into the listeners’ subconscious, providing a sense of well-being both in the evening and in the early morning. Sarkodie’s entry as a featured guest adds a seductive dimension with his rap verse.

The story behind “Undress You” begins with a conversation between beatmaker PuffyBeatz and Nigerian superstar Oxlade, known for international collaborations and performances with artists such as Camilla Cabello, Sarkodie, Dave, Mme Banks, Davido, and Wizkid. The song was then developed in collaboration with KJ Spio, who worked alongside the artists to create this unique musical experience.

The chosen location for the music video, a beautiful beach in Ghana, perfectly complements the song and provides a video as enchanting as the track itself.

“Undress You” marks the beginning of a promising series of singles from KJ Spio, promising to introduce us to a variety of sounds and moods. Expect to be transported by the rising creativity of this singer-songwriter.

Acclaimed culture entrepreneur KJ Spio presents himself as a mood creator extraordinaire. A versatile musician dedicated to enhancing social ambiance, he strives to create an atmosphere conducive to joy, whether at a lively party or a more intimate setting. Originally from Ghana, this smiling artist has played a central role in the British and African music scenes over the past decade.

Defining himself as a “culture entrepreneur,” Spio has constantly evolved to shape the music culture in new and exciting ways. His journey includes managing talented artists such as Cadet, whose hit “Advice” became an independent platinum success with over 250 million streams.

He has also contributed to creative staging and A&R for superstars like the iconic Sarkodie, who made history with his first virtual concert on Ghana’s historic Independence Square.

For Spio, authenticity takes precedence over musical genre, and each project must contribute progressively to the collective culture. From an initial role as a road manager turned content creator for British rap sensation Big Narstie, he has maintained a consistent commitment to the music scene he cherishes.

With a fun and impactful attitude, KJ Spio is gearing up to unveil a series of singles that promise to elevate the auditory experience to new heights. Stay tuned and get ready to be swept away by the infectious creativity of this emerging artist.

This collaboration promises a bold experience, ready to resonate with music enthusiasts through its captivating charm and infectious rhythms. Fasten your seatbelts, as this musical adventure looks set to be an exciting journey through the sunny sounds of contemporary Africa.

Watch the video for “Undress You” below.


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