Swiss Duo Happy For Real Share New Single ‘News’

Happy For Real are making waves in the music scene with their bold new single “News” taken from their upcoming debut EP titled Desperate Art. Hailing from Chur, Olivia Virgolin and Marcus Petendi intentionally stand out from current trends, delivering a pop sound with provocative lyrics and a laid-back attitude toward the performance-focused societal pressure.

Their new track celebrates the lack of a plan, providing a release from the contemporary obsession with self-optimization. In an era where social pressure constantly pushes for an improved version of oneself, “News” serves as a welcome break for those seeking to step away from this relentless pursuit.

The duo’s musical evolution underwent a research phase last year, culminating in an EP largely recorded independently and finalized in Wales with producer Gethin Pearson.

The result is a raw and deliberately ironic sound, in line with their name. Happy For Real resists conventions, drawing inspiration heavily from the indie phase of the 2000s while avoiding current 90s trends.

Their upcoming EP presents music that stands out from the overproduced nature of contemporary pop. More catchy guitars, fewer frills, creating an authentic sound reminiscent of influences like Bloc Party, Phoenix, and even unexpected detours towards Paramore.

With tracks like “Limbo,” you find yourself transported back to the iconic records of Rough Trade in London circa 2005. The EP also delves into transition and ambivalence through titles such as “Limerence” and “Phony.”

The lyrics capture the spirit of the times by addressing the loss of direction, despair, and moments of personal hypocrisy. “It’s okay to feel lost sometimes” is sung in canon by the members of Happy for Real, providing an immersive musical experience that evokes a limbo-like atmosphere between departure and lethargy.

Happy For Real delivers anthems for the lost who embrace non-conformity, inviting listeners to embrace authenticity. As Desperate Art prepares to make its mark on the music scene in March 2024, it’s evident that this duo has successfully captured the essence of “desperate art” with an impactful and easily appreciated sound.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and give “News” a listen!


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