Kodi Smitt-McPhee And Danny DeVito Star In ‘All the Wilderness’ | Film Trailer


All the Wilderness is a coming of age indie drama starring Kodi Smitt-McPhee and Danny DeVito. The story follows ‘James’ (Smitt-McPhee) who’s attending therapy sessions, he’s left living with his concerned mother after his father’s death. He finds a new group of friends and meets a girl, then life gets a little more interesting which furthers his mother’s concern and turns it to frustration.


A highlight of the intriguing trailer is the accompanying track, “Girls Thoughts” by CIRC is perfectly matched to the indie-drama and is very contemporary for a track released late 2012. The Michael Johnson-directed feature length debut premiered at South by South West last march and is set for release in the US on the 20th of February, watch the trailer below. “Girls Thoughts” by CIRC is available here.




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