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It’s no question that border control immigration issues have been a growing concern as of late, but it’s currently affecting several of the artists scheduled to perform at the SXSW music festival. Three of Egyptian-Canadian band Massive Scar Era’s members, three of Italian band, Soviet Soviet, and a London-based drummer were all denied entrance to the US this past week and Korean rapper, Don Malik, has just joined the growing list.


Don Malik was scheduled to perform at a showcase on March 17 under visa waivers provided by SXSW officials. This waiver program allows guests from foreign countries entry to the United States without a standard work visa on the condition that their performances are exposure only and unpaid.


But upon presenting this waiver at the San Francisco International airport for a layover, the rapper was detained by customs and told his waiver was invalid.


According to a statement released by Don Malik’s label CEO, Jerry.K, the rapper and his crew were subject to a barrage of racist gestures and slurs during their 24 hours of detainment. Allegations include claims that the immigration employees had called the artists ‘chinks’ and even pulled monkey faces at them.


To make matters worse, the performers were refused access to their cell phones and were thus unable to contact the SXSW staff for help.


Despite the growing number of teams affected by border control immigration issues, SXSW have yet to issue an official statement. A current controversy over a clause in their official artist contracts stating that “artists who performed any unofficial events while traveling on a visa waiver were to be deported” is gaining attention.



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