Kru Unveils Empowering New Single ‘Masterplan’ Featuring Junoflo

Kru, the Mumbai-born, California-raised R&B/Pop sensation, has just released her new single “Masterplan“, featuring Junoflo. The song is a collaboration with Multi-Platinum Korean music producer Cha Cha Malone and serves as a precursor to her upcoming EP INEVITABLE.

“Masterplan” weaves together a vibrant tapestry of sounds, blending R&B, Pop, and Kpop influences. The track is infused with dynamic beats and compelling melodies, delivering a message of empowerment and ambition. Kru’s vocals shine as she sings about manifesting her dreams and creating a life filled with success and joy. Featuring a captivating verse from rapper Junoflo, “Masterplan” is an anthem for anyone chasing their aspirations.

Kru’s journey is as unique as her sound. Classically trained in opera and traditional Indian Bharathanatyam dance, she combines her Indian heritage with American pop influences. Her style has been described as a fusion of Aaliyah and Ariana Grande, showcasing her versatile vocal talent and striking stage presence. With millions of streams and views across various platforms, Kru continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Cha Cha Malone, an American music producer known for his work with Jay Park and numerous other K-pop artists, brings his signature sound to “Masterplan.” His extensive experience and distinctive “I need a Cha Cha beat boy” tag have made him a household name in the music industry. Junoflo, the first Korean artist to perform at an NBA halftime show, adds a powerful rap element to the track, enhancing its motivational vibe.

Kru’s path to stardom began when she emigrated from India to the United States at six years old. Overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers, she developed her passion for music through dance and vocal lessons. Her early exposure to Bollywood and Indian classical music, combined with a love for contemporary American pop, has shaped her unique artistic identity.

Despite initial setbacks in her career, including rejections from reality TV shows, Kru persevered. A pivotal moment came when an ankle injury forced her to refocus on her singing. Relocating to Texas during the pandemic, she used the time to craft her “master plan”, which culminated in her debut EP, Pilot.

Looking ahead, Kru’s 2024 promises to be exciting. She is currently working on her second project with Grammy-nominated producer Benny Cassette, known for his collaborations with SZA, Ye, and Ciara. This new body of work will continue to explore themes of identity, relationships, and dreams with a fresh, innovative sound.

Don’t miss out on Kru’s latest single, “Masterplan”. Watch the music video below!


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