MADJO Releases Powerful New Album ‘Rebellion’

Madjo, the French-Swiss Senegalese singer-songwriter, has released her third album, Rebellion. Known for blending indie-rock, soul, folk, and electronic sounds, Madjo’s music is warm, lively, and intimate. In Rebellion, she stays true to her unique style, offering listeners an emotional and thought-provoking experience.

Madjo created Rebellion between Brighton, Montreal, Brussels, and her native Haute-Savoie. The album was finished in the Bauges Mountains. It reflects her journey through personal struggles and profound realizations. As Madjo faced difficulties becoming a mother, she traveled to Montreal and Brighton to find peace and regain confidence. It was during this time that she became pregnant and began to understand her inner rebellion.

Rebellion is filled with Madjo’s thoughts on life, climate change, beauty, love, and femininity. She uses her music to awaken consciousness while staying true to poetry. In her words, “I wanted to write about life, the climate emergency, and love in all its forms.”

The title track, “Rebellion,” showcases Madjo’s powerful voice. The chorus is strong, while the verses are almost whispered and heartbroken. The accompanying music video, directed by Diane Moyssan, depicts the feeling of breaking free from society’s shackles. Madjo is shown confined within three walls, symbolizing the restrictions of modern life. The video ends on a hopeful note, suggesting the possibility of a better future.

Madjo’s journey is evident in every song on the album. Her inner turmoil, fears about the world, and the joy of motherhood are all themes that run through Rebellion. Madjo’s decision to return to France to give birth to her first child is a return to her roots. This echoes her previous album’s exploration of family and personal history.

Her music has received support from Earmilk, Music Crowns, Southern FM, Konbini, Rock n Fool, Radio France, Raje, Stereofox, CULTR, Gigwise, and KXT Radio. With this album, Madjo continues to touch listeners with her heartfelt emotion and passion.

Madjo sums up her mission with this album, saying, “I want to give more meaning to my work. My music should convey a message without pretension.”

In Rebellion, Madjo succeeds in doing just that. Her music speaks to the heart, encouraging us to reflect on our lives and the world around us.

Listen to Rebellion below!


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