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Kurt Vile has announced some new shows in London and Brighton which will take place in March 2016.


The singer-songwriter and his band, The Violators, are already scheduled to perform in the UK and Ireland next month as part of their world tour. The gigs in Brighton (November 11) and London (12) already sold out, Vile has lined up more dates in those cities in 2016. He will be headlining London’s Roundhouse and Brighton’s All Saints Church on March 10 and 11.


Vile has described his music as “unguarded and vulnerable” and having a “night vibe”. He went on to say:


“The music drones on and on, but in a freer way. There’s a sort of melancholy in the way the music just sprawls. It wanders. Everybody goes up and down throughout their lives. ‘Smoke Ring…’ was a downer, then ‘Wakin…’ was an upturn. My music has to be funny and sad and happy and loving, it’s gotta have it all. When somebody’s just too dark all the time, it’s just drama. Or if somebody’s too funny? Well, I like being too funny sometimes.”



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