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Up and coming musician Kyson has teased his upcoming third album with a brand-new single titled “The Boy”. The introspective and yet relatable track was inspired by the artist’s Australian childhood.


Jian Liew, also known by his stage name Kyson, first gained international attention with his remix of Bon Iver’s “Holocene”. Since then, the producer has released two acclaimed solo albums and is on his way to drop another one soon.


Kyrson’s forthcoming eponymous record will feature both of his most recent offerings, “The Boy” and “Innocence Arrogance”, the latter accompanied by an Andreas Lamoth-directed video to match.


The artist supported by the likes of the BBC, The Line of Best Fit and Kodak often draws inspiration from his multicultural roots. In “The Boy”, Kyson, whose nickname is an allusion to his Malaysian father’s name, is torn between Western assimilation and his Asian origin.


Scheduled for release in January 2020, Kyson showcases the musician’s talent for touching and compelling sounds, as well as his fondness for high quality visuals. The album’s artwork was created by German artist BD Graft, who also contributed to Kyson’s limited edition print book.


In the meantime, the artist will be performing a series of live shows this Autumn, opening for musical duo Kllo. They will play in London’s Waiting Room on November 14 and in Berlin’s Badehaus a week later.


Listen to “The Boy” here:




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