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Coming on the back of her debut EP Koo Da Ta and her last single “Numb”, and amassing over a million streams along the way, LA-based singer, songwriter and musician Billie Bodega is back with a brand new single titled “Like Woah“, following in her tradition of nurturing intimacy through carefully curated sonic soundscapes.


She describes “Like Woah” as a sexual anthem functionally and on the surface, but in the context of her wider discography, the track continues in the same vein of Billie Bodega’s constant search to better understand her experience of womanhood. The track is approachable, utilising soundscapes that invite the listener in, while confronting challenging themes with depth.


Alongside her music career, Billie is also an actor, starring in shows for the likes of Lifetime, Disney, Nickelodeon, NBC, and Warner Bros, and she is also a model, signed to Ford Models, with a portfolio that includes working for Nike, Yamaha, Guess, Nordstrom, among others. In addition to which, she has a Bachelor’s Degree in visual arts, and a minor in African- American studies.


Speaking about “Like Woah”, Billie Bodega says, “Being a woman, especially a woman of color, is fraught and deeply nuanced. The tension that lies at her very existence is one that I confront. Time after time, from every angle imaginable. ‘Like Woah’ is the latest creation in a long lineage of demanding more from the world, from myself, and most importantly from you, the listener“.


She goes on to explain the inspiration behind the song, adding, “This is not a song about what one will do or intends to do with their body, but what one can do if they so choose.


In retaining that option alone, irrespective of the end result, we exercise our rights, our identities, and our freedom. This is particularly significant for those demographics who historically have been forsaken for or denied this very same expression of self: women.


For decades, we have enjoyed music from male artists that not only explores graphic sexual themes, but often times at the expense of women. These songs have not only been digestible and acceptable, but wildly popular.


In the spirit of artistic and creative freedom, which must always reign supreme, that is entirely copacetic. But it is long overdue that we grant the same beingness and unabashed expression of self to female counterparts“.


Listen to “Like Woah” below:




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