Laff Portal Presents ‘You Think You Can Jonze’ Comedy Contest | Competition


Competition time and this one is courtesy of the good people at LaffPortal as they’ve got over $1000 of prizes to give away for all you comedy geniuses out there. Here’s how you can get involved…


We at LAFFPORTAL are very excited to present to you an exciting competition titled “YOUTHINKUCANJONZE”. It is basically a competition aimed at bringing out the comedy and humor in everyone. We know you all are funny, some of you are just more expressive of our humor than others, and we would like ALL OF YOU to participate.


It’s pretty simple to enter the #YouThinkYouCanJonze contest, all you have to do is create something funny and it could be a video skit, a meme, an article or even a photo, anything really without breaking the law of course. Submit your entries – as many as humanly possible – to [email protected] or [email protected]. The deadline for submissions is November 1, after which the top 20 entries will be selected for a public voting to crown the eventual winner.


For more information, check out the LaffPortal website.



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