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Lebanese-Filipino singer-songwriter LAILANA has released a brand new track entitled “Pixelated Soundwaves“.


LAILANA has been dedicated to music since a young age, starting with music theatre and opera. Her love and talent for songwriting led her to the indie genre, and the singer released her debut singles in 2019 and now is getting ready to surprise the audience with her first EP.


Marking the singer’s radio debut, “Pixelated Soundwaves” was chosen as the ‘Track of the Day’ on BBC Radio Surrey and BBC Radio Sussex’s BBC Music Introducing show last week.


LAILANA’s “Pixelated Soundwaves” explains to the listeners, how one can get captured by the incredibly beautiful drug journey and then endsup getting trapped in the destructive power of drugs. “It talks about the reality of drugs through the addict’s eyes”, she says.


She also comments on the release with a real life story: “I’ve seen firsthand how a person addicted to drugs tries to convince their friends and family, those who are constantly trying to help them break the habit, that there is an aim to all of this, that they need to continue this cycle to find the “answer”, something bigger than them“.


Reportedly LAILANA is currently filming the music video that will be ready to release on the singer’s website and social media channels on April 2. Filmed and co-directed by Ollie Paxton who previously worked on the singer’s first video “Paper Chasin“, the visuals will surely interpret and complement the song the best way!


Listen to the stunning track “Pixelated Soundwaves” below!




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